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Portland Individual and couples counseling

Tracy Trefethen, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Trauma, Depression & Anxiety,  Relationships

Portland, Oregon

Individual and Couples Counseling

Tracy Trefethen  MA, QMHP

Licensed Professional Counselor Registered Intern

Specializing in Trauma and Relationships


and treatments for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma/PTSD

Supervisor Molly Doll, LPC 503-504-6455

Trauma is my thing.

I love seeing folks heal, reconnect, and embrace change.


Tracy Trefethen

I love this work.

I bring proven skills, science and compassion to support people to find themselves again, or perhaps for the first time, beyond the pain and uncertainty of depression, anxiety, traumatic experience and wounds from childhood.


I collaborate with individuals and couples who want to find their way out of feeling stuck, anxious, depressed, lonely, ashamed, fearful or disconnected. I use proven, effective methods that foster real change, making it possible for people to experience joy, inner-confidence, love and well being.

While I draw from a handful of methods, there are several basic approaches, I find especially effective:

Cognitive & Dialectical Behavioral Therapies (CBT & DBT), informed by Buddhist psychology and interpersonal neurobiology--these approaches work to reduce and transform negative patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that often lead to chronic stress, risk behavior, anxiety and depression

Somatic-based trauma and attachment repair approach--

It turns out that trauma is fundamentally held in the body. As an advanced student of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SMP), I work with clients to integrate past traumatic experiences to significantly reduce or eliminate symptoms. This body-based approach is also instrumental in transforming fixed adaptive patterns learned in childhood, leading to more of a sense of openness and freedom from old messages about ourselves, others and the world. SMP is considered a cutting edge treatment approach  by key experts in the field of psychology, including Daniel Siegel and Bessel Van der Kolk. Learning to listen to the messages in the body can not only show us how to reduce reactive emotional patterns caused by traumatic experience.  Somatic treatment can powerfully reduce the negative beliefs about self and the feelings of guilt and shame that so often accompany untreated trauma.  Clients learn quickly how to use these tools, and the counseling environment provides the necessary safety and for optimal treatment. After sessions, clients often report having an immediate sense safety, inner strength, and positivity.  

Mindful Self-Compassion

Self criticism and insecurity can be toxic. When we are caught in the trance of unworthiness we can shutdown, withdraw from others, and become unable to experience the warmth and support of healthy relationships. 

Mindful Self-Compassion enables us to build healthy, supportive relationships. We can rewrite our internal beliefs about ourselves to build confidence, self-worth, and a life-changing practice of inner kindness.


Tracy  Trefethen,  LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor 

specializing in somatic-based psychotherapy and trauma treatment


until further notice and the Oregon Health Authority allows resumption of services without masks

516 SE Morrison Street, Suite 710

Portland, OR 97214

To inquire about services and Make Appointments:

(503) 908-4779, call or text

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I am happy to speak with you by phone, or meet with you for a free 20 minute consultation to answer your questions and see if we are a good fit.  Thank you!

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